As the professional institute focused on the development of the individuals in the KT field, we have a strong interest in your professional development. The credibility and growth of the KT profession is based on the commitment of individual members to continuing self-improvement and knowledge sharing. We beleive that CPD should be a mixture of structured and unstructured learning, within and outside of the workplace and we are building a suite of tools and resources that will help you build purposeful learning into the routine of your professional life.

Selected recognised course providers.

 THE IKT CERTIFICATE OF INNOVATION, KNOWLEDE EXCHANGE AND TRANSFER (Cert.IKT) -  we have developed a CPD certificate with flexible learning built in. Gain experience and build towards your certificate by attending conference, courses and other events on your CPD Tracker. For more information please visit www.certikt.com.

 CPD TRACKER - we have developed a CPD tracker to enable you record the CPD that you have undertaken on an annual basis. Gain points by attending conferences, courses, debates and other events.

 CPD FRAMEWORK - we support the AURIL CPD Framework which outline the competencies required for the continuing professional development needs of knowledge transfer (KT) practitioners engaged in developing and supporting knowledge exchange links, relationships and partnerships between universities, public research organisations, private sector research bodies, industry and a range of external organisations involved in KT.

 IKT RECOGNISED COURSE PROVIDERS - those who train the KT profession can seek recognition and an approval of their standards from the IKT. In turn, their courses will become recognised against our CPD Tracker and Cert.IKT.

 LISTING OF EVENTS AND COURSES - on our events page we provide listings of events and courses offered by our Recognised Course Providers and courses and events of general interest and relevance to our members. These too attract points on your CPD tracker.

 MENTOR/MENTEE LISTING AND MATCHING SERVICE to further enhance professional development.

A copy of the CPD Tracker and CPD framework will be sent to all members on an annual basis. Alternatively you can call us for a copy.

Please telephone: 01904 215153 or email: info@ikt.org.uk


For many years, the IKT has supported those training providers delivering exemplary CPD for our members through the Recognised Course Provider status. The Cert.IKT is the next stage of this recognition.

With the practice of Knowledge Exchange (KE) becoming more established as a core activity within Higher Education and other knowledge intensive organisations, then the continuing professional development of practitioners will lead to successful and sustained outcomes for the benefit of all. Cert.IKT builds on existing and established work to form a guide for CPD in this new and dynamic discipline.

Universities, FE Colleges and Public Sector Research Establishments (PSREs) increasingly have to demonstrate their impact, whether this is in economic or social terms. However there has been uncertainty as to the changes required to staff skill sets and working practices.

The IKT has adopted industry-standard frameworks to develop this qualification that encompasses knowledge transfer, knowledge exchange, technology transfer, enterprise, innovation, lifelong learning, workforce development, employer engagement, public and community engagement, support for student employability and third stream/mission.

For aditional information or to apply please visit www.certikt.com or email info@ikt.org.uk


As a professional, you have a responsibility to keep your skills and knowledge up to date. Keeping a personal record of your activities helps you turn that accountability into a positive opportunity to identify and achieve your personal and career development objectives.

We believe that not only is ongoing learning and development essential for all IKT members, but it is also increasingly important to career development and progression, helping you maintain and develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in today's dynamic and demanding business environment.

IKT places great emphasis on its members' commitment to development and learning and you will be required to demonstrate your commitment to CPD in your full membership and fellowship application. So, if you are an associate member, intending to upgrade to full membership at some stage in the future, or a member aspiring to upgrade to fellowship, regular recording of your CPD activities should help you provide tangible evidence of your commitment.